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Wednesday 18 May 2011

The Dianoigo Blog

Hi there! My name is Tom and the name of this blog is Dianoigo. I am starting this blog as a means to reach out to people with some insights I have taken from studying the most fascinating book, or rather collection of books, ever written – the Holy Bible.
The title of this blog, Dianoigo, is a Greek word used in the New Testament, which means ‘to open the mind, i.e. to cause to understand a thing.’ One of its most notable uses is in Luke 24:45, where the risen Lord Jesus Christ “opened the minds” of the disciples to understand the Scriptures about his death and resurrection. So I am hoping that this blog can be a means of opening people’s minds to understand the Word of God.
I used to have a website, http://www.dianoigo.com/, where I posted articles on Bible topics. It is still functional, but I’ve decided to change to a blog approach to make things more interactive and break up the content into bite-sized chunks. The reality is, in this busy age, not many of us take the time to sit down and read a 15 or 20 page article.
One of my goals for this blog is to make it accessible and interesting for people who know their Bible well, and also people who are not very familiar with the Bible. So please do let me know how well I’m doing in this respect!
I’m setting a target of one post per week. I appreciate your interest, I invite you to share the blog with others and also to pray for me as the author, and for all those who might be exposed to it, that Jesus Christ might be glorified.