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Wednesday 19 September 2012

Previously unreleased material, direct to the public

OK, this is unlikely to generate the same kind of buzz as the postmortem release of recordings from a platinum-selling musician.

However, I'm happy to announce that I've posted a new theological article on my website. It was actually written almost three years ago but has languished in "My Documents" since then, so this is the first time it's available for public consumption.

It is fairly short by my usual long-winded standards - 13 pages including table of contents and appendices.

The topic at hand is the Pre-existence of Christ in the Johannine Narrative. Most anyone who has read the Gospel of John will notice that Jesus regularly speaks as though he existed in heaven with God before his human birth. Did he really mean that he had pre-existed, or was he using figurative language to emphasize that his work on earth was sanctioned by God?

This is the question that the article seeks to answer. You may or may not agree with my conclusion, but either way I hope you find the document enlightening.

You can download the article directly here.

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